1 Personal Information

Session Evaluation form

Please determine your degree of satisfaction according to the axes and phrases measured by the questionnaire as follows (5 being mostly satisfied and 1 being least satisfied):

First: Organization

Determine the degree of your satisfaction with the organization followed in this program through the statements below:
Online Registration Process to Enter RAM Building
Illustrative map of access to the Academy building
Greetings and reception by Academy staff
HSE video as part of the protocol for entering the RAM building.
The person explaining the HSE video and instructions
The training room such as:( Classroom, seating area, tools, and lighting).
Time of the workshop.
Break (the time and food)
Support and assistance from the RAM team

Second: The effectiveness of the speaker

Determine your degree of satisfaction with the effectiveness of the speaker by responding to the statements below:
Familiarity of the speaker with the subject
The ability of the speaker to communicate information.
The speaker ability to manage the session
The speaker's ability to diversify training methods and tools.
The speaker's ability to inspire, motivate and increase motivation.
The speaker's response to the inquiries raised

Third: Session Content

Determine the degree of your satisfaction with the session content in terms of the topics presented, the methods used, the time, and the extent to which they achieve the objectives of the session for you through your response to the statements below:
Overall Content
Topic Coverage and Relevance
The objective of the session was well-defined
The quality of content was excellent
The content was pertaining to my current job profile
Duration of the session
Which aspect of this session did you like the most?
The Module helps to reflect on some of my thoughts and practices
Which aspect of this session did you like the least?
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