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Public Policy and Strategic Planning Program
Module Six Evaluation Form

Please specify the extent to which you agree with the following statements related to the outcomes of the Sixth Module:

The Module helped me gain fresh knowledge and insights
The Module helped me to further develop my ideas and practices
The module helped me to acquire skills and practices relevant to my work
The Module helped me to strengthen my network with the participants

Please specify your level of satisfaction with the following statements:

Overall, how would you rate this Module?

Module details

Module Six content
Usefulness of Module Six
Delivery style of Module Six
The interactivity and engagement during the sessions
Session delivered by Professor Andrew Kakabadsi
Session delivered by Keith Daniel
Session delivered by Elizabeth Linder
Session delivered by Khoo Boon Hui
Quality of support provided by CSC team
Quality of support provided by the Royal Academy of Management team

Level of satisfaction with the services of the program

Venue & hall arrangement
Venue food
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