End of Course Report

The following form is to track the progress of each course within the Master of Leadership and Management Program. Your input at the end of each course is essential for assessing and improving the program and evaluating participants' performance. This information will be used to create a comprehensive report for documentation and evaluation purposes.

1 Personal Information

 Course Content

Were there any office hours available for participants (one on one, group, phone, email, video call, etc.) to ask questions, seek clarification, discuss course material, receive guidance, or engage in other forms of academic or professional interaction with the course faculty?
How would you rate the quantity of assignments in this course in relation to the overall program load?Rate from 1 (very poor) - 5 (Excellent)
Were there any reviews made to the course before delivering it to the participants?
Were there any localized content or context-specific examples included in the course?

Participants' Performance

Any notable achievements of the participants?
Are there any indications of below-average performance or participants who are visibly struggling in the course that should be addressed?
Did the participants provide any feedback or express any concerns?
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