Mastermind Program and Second Discussion Hub
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1 The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Mastermind
2 Second Discussion Hub

Please take a few moments to complete the following evaluation form. We are interested in understanding your perceptions of various aspects of the first Mastermind: The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, which will provide valuable insights into your experience with the program and help us identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Rate the following statements based on your personal experience:

Section one

1. How satisfied were you with the overall Mastermind program?
2. How would you rate the effectiveness of the Mastermind sessions in helping you understand and apply the laws of growth?
3. How would you rate the overall impact of the Mastermind Sessions on your personal growth?
4. Did the program meet your expectations in terms of personal growth and developing leadership skills?
5. Were the action steps and the task required each week helpful in applying the laws to your life?

Section two

6. Did you experience any significant behavioral changes or improvements as a result of participating in the Mastermind program?

Section three

9. How would you rate the length of each session?
10. How would you rate the group coaching approach employed in the program?
11. How satisfied were you with the coach's individual feedback during the sessions?
12. How satisfied were you with the frequency of having a Mastermind session once every week?

Section four

13. To what extent would you recommend the Mastermind to others?

Additionally, we would greatly appreciate your feedback on the Second Discussion Hub. Your insights regarding the effectiveness of the two-day program we designed to enhance your strategic thinking and decision-making abilities are invaluable to us.

Day one - Strategic Thinking Simulation

1. How important was the topic "Strategic Thinking" of the simulation to you?
2. Was the level of challenge presented in the simulation aligned with your level of expertise?
3. How appealing was the way the topic/ challenge was delivered?

Day two - National Security & Challenges of Cybersecurity

1. How important were the topics "National and Cyber Security" to you?
2. Were the content and discussions provided in the two lectures up to your level of expertise?
3. How appealing was the way the two lectures were delivered?
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