Leaders Retreat Reflections

Dear MLMers,

Now that you had time to reflect on the Leaders Retreat, we would love to hear your reflections on the experience.

Hearing your reflections to the different elements that you liked the most, the least and how would you do things differently is very important for us. We will take what you say very seriously and will use it to design a more impactful experience for you.

It will also help you thinking through that experience and realising certain aspects about yourself, life and career that you may haven’t been aware of.

We know that you are really busy and quite loaded with work and study, but will appreciate if you take 15 minutes of your time to do this reflection.

We are happy to receive your answers by January 31st. 2023.

Thank you in advance and happy reflections!

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Have the Leaders Retreat met your expectations?

That’s all. Thank you very much for sending us your reflections. It makes an enormous difference to us to design more relevant learning experiences for you.

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