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Win in China Programme
Evaluation Form Day Three

Dear Participant,
We’d like to kindly ask you to complete this short course evaluation survey. By answering these questions, you help us better understand the performance and impact of this part and improve the content of future parts and programs.
The Survey is expected to take approximately 5 minutes, it will be available till the end of today.
Thank you in advance.

Please specify the extent to which you agree with the following statements related to day three overall:

The program objectives were clearly stated and presented
The content of material and discussions helps me gain new knowledge and insights
The content of material and discussions helps me acquiring skills and practices relevant to my work
The program helped me in building my network with the others

Please specify your level of satisfaction with the following items:


“Creating hubs for global trade and investment” session – Prof. LI Wei
“Foreign companies’ strategies in China” session – Prof. Edward TSE
“Digital transformation” session – Prof. Liao Jianwen


Support provided by the Royal Academy of Management team
Venue & hall arrangement
Venue food


Day Three content
Usefulness of content of material and discussions
Style of material delivery
Interactivity and engagement during the sessions
Overall satisfaction
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